ioCubed Training

Adjusting to the business climate of Asia can be difficult, even for managers with overseas experience. Japan and China frequently make the list of most difficult business environments for the uninitiated. Business etiquette, negotiating style, and relationship management take on new dimensions. It can become an obstacle of culture, as much as language.

ioCubed provides a variety of training that focuses on mastering Asian business practices. We have provided training in more than 10 countries, in small workshops and at large seminars. Our expertise in cross-cultural conflict resolution and negotiation is industry recognized.

We can help your company prepare for long-term overseas assignments or simply hone negotiating skills. We use proven techniques, while providing the opportunity to role-play with experienced managers and negotiators direct from corporate Japan. Our training delivers real world skills.


Master business etiquette and culture to improve relations with colleagues, partners, and customers in markets like Japan, South Korea, and China. Learn the important dos and don’ts that will make your company and managers more successful overseas. Offered in workshop or seminar format.
Learn negotiation style and technique as used in major Asian markets including Japan, South Korea, and China. Understand how to get to “yes” in every negotiation, while resolving conflict and building stronger ties. Offered in workshop format.
Understand effective sales technique and the full sales life cycle as typically encountered in Asian markets like Japan, South Korea, and China. From creating pipeline to closing deal, be more successful with sales overseas. Offered in workshop or seminar format.
If your company has specific training needs or wants training in a specific topic, contact us to learn about customized training programs to address sales, management, and human resource topics in Asia.

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