Managed Services

Managed Localized Customer Service and Support

Localized Customer Support

If you are selling a product or service in a non-English speaking market, you need to be offering support to your customers in their native language. Setting up dedicated call centers or signing long-term contracts with call center outsource providers is an expensive proposition. Especially if you have to do it for more than one regional language market. At ioCubed, we offer a more affordable, rapidly deployed alternative that can provide localized customer support in 40 languages across the globe. Our multilingual representatives can offer phone, email, and chat support for low start-up cost and with only short-term commitment. Our managed localized customer support service can have you up and running in less than a month, covering as many language markets as you need.

Benefits of Managed Customer Support

  • Multi-channel support via phone, email, or chat–or any combination of the three–to provide tier one technical and sales support for customers in 40 different languages
  • Low initial costs and rapid deployment mean you can start supporting customers in any market, in as little as a week to less than a month depending on your requirements
  • Integrate our managed customer support service with your broader support programs through industry standard management and service level reporting
  • Create a multilingual bridge that facilitates tier two support between non-English speaking customers and your English speaking technical staff

Localized Customer Support Options

  • Combine with our support content localization services to provide a holistic approach to global customer support
  • Start small by providing a single channel like localized email support, or create a full-fledged global support hub that handles all forms of support requests
  • Begin with a single language support option, and add additional languages as needed
  • Create short-term customer support hubs to handle specific events such as product launches and media campaigns
Content Development

Content Development

At ioCubed, in addition to translating and localizing provided content, we also frequently develop and manage entirely original content on behalf our clients. This allows you to approach your content development needs with an eye toward localization from the very outset, reducing time and costs over the long term. Likewise, it allows you to create original content in a specific language to address needs that might exist in only a single market. Our managed content development services allow you to take an integrated approach to your company’s global content development and localization. We bring significant expertise developing content for the finance/investment, enterprise tech, mobile tech, management consulting, and media sectors.

Benefits of Content Development

  • Deploy new and updated content across all of your global properties, faster and with less expense
  • Gain subject matter expertise to develop original content–such as for blogs, newsletters, and whitepapers–in 40 languages
  • Offer specialized content for specific markets and languages to better target global consumer segements

Content Development Options

  • Simultaneously develop original English content and accompanying localized content for global media properties like your website, blog, and social media presence
  • Create tailored content strategies that emphasize different content areas in different language markets
  • Develop and update content on a routine schedule to avoid staleness and keep topics relevant with the latest industry happenings

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