Product & Service Localization

Software and Video Game Localization

Here’s a hard fact: Recent research shows that 70% of consumers will not buy a product offered in a language other than their own. Many companies assume that a product in English is “good enough.” That all depends. Is reaching only 30% of your potential market “good enough?” Localization is critical across the board for both products and service offerings. We work with you from start to finish to ensure your product or service localization is a success, no matter how many languages you require.

Product and service localization includes items such as mobile apps, video games, or cloud services from the tech sector, or products like appliances, clothing, or educational materials from other sectors. Localization normally covers language, and might also include modifications for culture, geography, and standard conventions.

The Nuts and Bolts of Localization

Depending on who you ask, localization can take on a technical or creative meaning. A software developer, you’ll likely hear about converting software or a video game into a different language with appropriate regional conventions. A digital marketer, on the other hand, will think about a website or social media campaign adapted for a different language and culture.

Actually, both are correct. Localization covers both products and marketing. At ioCubed, one part of our localization team has linguists who specialize in product and technical localization. The other part of our team comes from a marketing and advertising focus, like copywriting and content marketing. Together they deliver superior localization results.

What Do We Localize?

There are three broad categories that we provide localization for. Those are 1) product or service, 2) marketing and media, and 3) technical content and support. Products and services are discussed above, and the other two areas are covered in greater detail below.

Website Localization Services

Marketing & Media Localization

In many cases, your website is the first contact a consumer will have with your product and company. It is the 24-hour global representative that can turn a prospect into a sale. Does your website have the ability to speak their language? Marketing localization addresses the need to go beyond simple content translation. Localization provides prospects with an engaging and compelling experience that helps turn them into customers. It addresses the needs specific to their local market, culture, and demographic. We do this while maintaining your content’s original intent, and tailoring it to fit the specific needs of your target market through a process known as transcreation. The result is more effective web content marketing and better conversions.

Customer Service and Support Localization

Technical & Support Localization

Imagine that you just purchased and downloaded a new mobile app. Every time you try to launch it, it crashes with a cryptic error message. When you access the developer’s support site, everything is written in Japanese and to submit a support request, you also need to write it in Japanese. The problem is, you’re not fluent in Japanese. This is the same scenario that far too many consumers encounter daily–except instead of Japanese, it’s English. Frustration mounts on both sides as the customer can’t get resolution, and you can’t provide effective support. By providing localized support content, your company can go far to eliminate these headaches. Combined with our managed customer support services, ioCubed can provide a holistic support solution for any non-English speaking market.