ioCubed Industries Focus

At ioCubed, we have developed expertise working with certain industries and understand the specific needs that organizations from these sectors face as they grow their businesses in Asia. The below list is not exhaustive, but highlights industry areas where we possess significant domain expertise.

Clients in the following fields benefit from our specific technical and business knowledge, where many of our team members have spent at least a portion of their professional careers before joining ioCubed. Combined with our exposure to Asian markets, this lets us hone in on the most effective consulting, localization, and training solutions, while avoiding obstacles common to your industry.

Since its founding, ioCubed has had a heavy focus on the software and gaming sectors of the tech industry. Many on our team have more than a decade each in the industry, working on the enterprise, consumer, and mobile sides of software and video games. In more recent years, this expertise has spread to SaaS, cloud, and big data services, due to their current rapid growth in Asia.
We have helped many notable universities and colleges from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia expand their footprint to Asia. Through a combination of international recruitment initiatives, off-campus extension programs, and related efforts, we’ve provided a path for these institutions to raise global awareness of their academic activities and increase international enrollment.
Due to the highly regulated nature of investment activities, it can be difficult for asset management firms and related finance industry companies to reach overseas investors. Adding the obstacles of language and culture makes the task seem insurmountable. We have long provided highly-focused and compliant content marketing services for the finance sector, to attract investor interest and highlight important topics from the US, Japan, and Singapore markets.

Photo Credit: Raisa H (license)